The consulting engineering firm of KLH Engineers provides engineering solutions for clients throughout the tri-state area and nationally. Experience covers many different types of facilities across various market segments. KLH has completed more than 16,000 projects for retail, educational, healthcare, civic, and commercial clients. KLH is known as one of the largest engineering firms in Kentucky and Ohio, and has been recognized as a top engineering firm by Building, Design + Construction and Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazines.



At KLH we built our reputation in the Education Segment by providing value to the project through responsibly sustainable design, being attentive to client needs, and providing high quality. We understand state building standards and the local desire for tailored solutions in educational facilities that speak to local needs. Our team strives to find what makes your education facility distinctive. We recognize the outcome is learning for the student and as so treat every project as if our own children will attend it.

Don’t settle for another building full of typical classrooms. Tell us your story of how you teach and how you convey content for learning. We’re experts in converting pedagogy into the systems that support it. We ask, we listen, and then we design.

Our project experience spans the same diversity that one finds in today’s learners. This would also include the diversity of project owners from public to private. Each owner type often brings pre-existing project standards (e.g. state standards, technology standards, construction or bidding processes, etc.) that we need to utilize. One of our core strengths is our team’s ability to integrate your project requirements into our process to deliver excellent outcomes.

For more information, please contact Kyle Waymeyer.

Education Services


KLH Engineers provides engineering services for healthcare facilities of every size, scope and budget including assessments, renovations, new construction, and fit-outs for hospitals, medical office buildings, nursing homes, assisted living and other healthcare facilities. Through many years and hundreds of projects serving the healthcare market segment, KLH understands that the patient experience is of utmost importance. We live our mission as an organization who builds “quality relationships, environments, and buildings centered on people…by the spaces resulting from our work: places of healing.”

Our healthcare design and engineering is patient-centric. This involves designing flexible systems, dynamic lighting, and quiet environments. Demonstrating this focus we design systems whereby equipment is located in areas that do not interfere with patient care.

As a true partner, we maintain focus on our clients’ mission to offer top quality healthcare while striving to protect the investment in your project through quality engineering. By actively communicating with all project stakeholders, KLH builds an environment that empowers the design and construction team to work collaboratively. This guiding principle is seen in our active participation in project budgeting and scheduling where we apply our commitment to LEAN Planning and responsible project management.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Leuderalbert.

Healthcare Services


When thinking of electrical engineering, the thought that flashes through your mind is “that’s how the light turns on!” While it’s true, electrical engineering is much more. It is the design of electrical power systems ranging from large scale settings such as how power comes from a utility company to why the lights come on when you flip a light switch. Electrical engineers are in charge of designing power systems to ensure that buildings receive proper electrical distribution and all aspects of the building are properly powered. This includes lighting and associated lighting control, critical operations equipment, emergency backup power, power to receptacles, HVAC, computers, and water heaters. All are designed with future growth and flexibility of the space in mind.

Civic Services


Our commercial work consists of a variety of projects that include retail shops, medical buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, professional office buildings, restaurants and more – any facility used to conduct business or commerce. Our engineers address a number of aspects that affect the function of a building. These may include the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems to ensure that the placement of equipment, the routing of ductwork, and the placing of vents throughout the space allow the occupants to enjoy comfortable temperatures at all times. KLH designed systems incorporate sustainable design features including energy management systems, highly efficient HVAC and lighting, reduced water consumption, improved indoor air quality, and reduced CO2 emission footprint.

For more information, please contact Steve Reece or Michael Albanese.

Commercial Services


The dedicated staff of the KLH Hospitality market segment specializes in engineering designs for motels/hotels, convention centers, entertainment venues and specialty chef-driven restaurants. The spaces our team helps to create support the travel, lodging, conferencing and gaming industries. KLH’s project experience ranges from new builds, conversions, product improvement plans, and major renovations. Our project portfolio includes a variety of flags by recognized brands such as Hilton, Marriott, and the Intercontinental Hotel Group as well as Starwood and the 21c Museum Hotel. Hotel system design experience includes facilities involving prototypes, historic preservation, high-rise, and LEED considerations.

Our team appreciates that prototypes are a starting point for each client’s vision and journey. They are effective; however more often than not require adaptations by our team to suit each client’s project specific key performance criteria. KLH would be happy to meet with you to assist in beginning your journey of bringing these special places to fruition. Whether the key criteria is energy efficiency, economy of utilities, custom lighting, fire safety, reducing water usage, improving air quality, photovoltaic systems or any other strategy; we truly look forward to serving you.

For more information, please contact Michael Albanese or Steve Reece.

Hospitality Services


KLH provides engineering services for new construction, additions, renovations, expansions, and downsizes for a variety of retail projects – small and big box stores, department stores, and larger scale retail developments such as malls, lifestyle centers, and mixed use facilities.

Our firm is not only driven by the designs we create, but ultimately by the spaces resulting from our work. We ask questions, seek to understand the project’s goals, and consult on solutions.

Existing condition information is critical for all projects -- whether new build or renovation. This information is typically garnered from a site survey or record drawings. If an engineering survey is required, KLH visits the site to determine the existing conditions. The owner’s prototypical standards in conjunction with the obtained existing condition information would then be utilized to design the MEP systems. KLH works closely with the architect and owner to finalize construction documents and ensure the systems provided meet the client’s expectations for the building. KLH is always available for questions, construction administration services, and site visits as necessary during the construction phase of the project.

For more information, please contact Matthew Debevec.

Retail Services

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