A building is a structure that is permanently attached to the land, has a roof, is partially or completely enclosed by walls, and is not intended to be transportable or moveable.



New construction is always a newly built property on a new or clear site and can be a residential home to a skyscraper. New construction can also be an addition to an existing building that increases square footage.


An addition joins one constructed structure to another, in other words, enlarging the overall size and scope of the original building. An addition seeks to enhance and be permanent. It is intended to increase a building's value, beauty, or utility, or adapt the building for a new or further purpose.


Renovation can mean rebuilding, renovating, or remodeling. Renovations are work performed to alter, modernize, or otherwise change a building – usually to improve a structure but sometimes to bring a building back to its previous state.


One needs to be careful with the term upgrade – are you renovating or rehabilitating or repairing. The scope of an upgrade typically goes beyond a repair project and often relates to code requirements.


Typically meaning components within the building where you prolong the life of or increase the value of a building. This could include roof replacement, windows, mechanical systems such as boilers, and electrical systems.


Providing clients with a study typically includes checking the feasibility of current MEP systems within an existing building to determine if they are (still) suitable for the new or current use of the building. At times this can also include system testing for water/air balance and electrical metering. The services we provide can be specific to mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, emergency systems, lighting, and commissioning.


Often done during renovations or reuse of an existing building. An infrastructure plan would include site verification of existing conditions as it relates to MEP systems, review of the equipment, and energy to understand energy efficiency.

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