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For The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center in Montgomery KLH lighting designers provided lighting design. In collaboration with architect and interior designer, KLH provided lighting design with the comfort of the patient in mind. Areas from the entrance, waiting areas, individual rooms, and reception area were included. Particular thought was given to the design on the first floor pre- and post-op spaces so that patients themselves could control the overhead lighting, while ambient lighting was achieved grazing the walls. In fact, many spaces throughout the two floors have separate lighting control systems for the comfort of both staff and patient.

KLH provided full MEP and technology systems design as well for the first and second floors. The first floor contains a surgery center while a Women’s Imaging Center occupies the second floor. Services specific to this surgery center included exhaust systems, water distribution, sanitary systems, low voltage raceways for technology systems, emergency and life safety systems, nurse call systems and security systems design among other standard MEP system designs.

  • PROJECT: TCH Outpatient Center
  • LOCATION: Montgomery, Ohio
  • MARKET SEGMENTS: Healthcare
  • Clients: Ethan Hunt
  • PROJECT TYPES: New Construction
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