21477.00 – Dollar Tree – Former Rite Aid – 1601 E Napoleon St Sulphur LA – Tenant Improvement

21477.00 - Dollar Tree – Former Rite Aid, 1601 E Napoleon St, Sulphur, LA – Tenant Improvement

Property Information

  • KLH Project Number: 21477.00
    Select Market Segment Retail
    Name of Building Dollar Tree – Former Rite Aid, 1601 E Napoleon St, Sulphur, LA – Tenant Improvement
    Name of Company Dollar Tree
    Address for Survey Street Address: 1601 E Napoleon St
    City: Sulphur
    State / Province: LA
    Postal / Zip Code: 70663

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Fire Alarm


Do you have a Date and Time preference for survey? Yes
Date and Time of Survey 06-18-2019
Time Scheduled for Survey 4:00 PM
Point of Contact Job Title Store Manager
Phone Number for Point of Contact (337) 527-6575
Survey Type Renovation
Type of Building Stand Alone
Survey Type, select all that apply: Mechanical
Fire Protection
What is the Survey Deliverable to the client? Client specific checklist
Deliverable Due Date to Customer: 06-21-2019
Please Define the Scope of the Survey: MEP/FP survey of an existing (former) Rite Aid for Dollar Tree takeover. No existing conditions are available. Reuse lighting and HVAC if in good condition.
Survey Request.docx
Please provide any details about the building to be surveyed not in the scope. This includes portion of building to be surveyed, how to access the building once on site and other relevant details about surveying the site that could be relevant for the onsite technician. Key is located at Walgreens – 1021 Beglis Pkwy, Sulphur, LA 70663; Call Store & ask for Store Manager to confirm key.
Please select all the equipment required to perform survey: Video & Photos: Smartphone
360 Camera (Photo & Video)
Basic Surveying Bag
Is Revit Information available? No
Do you have any other files to upload? No
Email of Technician 1 Performing Survey: jtoy@klhengrs.com

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  • Project Name: 21477.00 - Dollar Tree – Former Rite Aid, 1601 E Napoleon St, Sulphur, LA – Tenant Improvement 
  • KLH Project #: 21477.00 
  • Address: 1601 E Napoleon St Sulphur, LA  
  • Disciplines: FULL MEP 
  • Revit on File: No 
  • Status: No