21610_00 – Kroger Y409 Jonesboro AR – Within The Walls

21610.00 - Kroger Y409 Jonesboro AR - Within The Walls

Property Information

KLH Project Number: 21610.00
Select Market Segment Retail
Name of Building Kroger Y409 Jonesboro, AR – Within The Walls
Name of Company The Kroger Company
Address for Survey Street Address: 1725 S. Caraway Rd.
City: Jonesboro
State / Province: Arkansas
Postal / Zip Code: 72401
Do you have a Date and Time preference for survey? Yes
Date and Time of Survey 08-01-2019
Time Scheduled for Survey 9:00 AM
Point of Contact for the building Survey Marc Breetz
Point of Contact Job Title Principal
Phone Number for Point of Contact (303) 759-5777
Cell Phone Number (720) 255-3387
Email for Point of Contact marcb@naosdg.com
Survey Type Renovation
Type of Building Stand Alone
Survey Type, select all that apply: Mechanical
Fire Protection
What is the Survey Deliverable to the client? KLH issues of concern
Deliverable Due Date to Customer: 08-05-2019
Please Define the Scope of the Survey: Within the walls remodel including revisions to the Seating Area, Produce Sales Area, U-Scans, Pharmacy Counsel and Storage, and KPNR.
Please select all the equipment required to perform survey: Video & Photos: Smartphone
360 Camera (Photo & Video)
Basic Surveying Bag
Is Revit Information available? Yes
Please provide Revit information below: KLH did this project as a new store with CR architecture + design in 2014.
Do you have any other files to upload? No
Email of Technician 1 Performing Survey: jtoy@klhengrs.com

Survey Details


  • Project Name: 21610.00 - Kroger Y409 Jonesboro AR - Within The Walls 
  • KLH Project #: 21610.00 - Kroger Y409 Jonesboro AR - Within The Walls 
  • Status: No