MedMen Folsom

MedMen Folsom, San Francisco, CA

Property Information

Select Market Segment Retail
Name of Building MedMen Folsom, San Francisco, CA
Name of Company MedMen
Address for Survey Street Address: 2801 Folsom St.
City: San Francisco
State / Province: CA
Postal / Zip Code: 94110
Date and Time of Survey 08-23-2019
Time Scheduled for Survey 10:30 AM
Point of Contact for the building Survey Ali Rismanchi
Phone Number for Point of Contact (415) 321-5300
Cell Phone Number (415) 810-9015
Email for Point of Contact
Survey Type Renovation
Type of Building Single Story
Survey Type, select all that apply: Mechanical
Fire Protection
What is the Survey Deliverable to the client? KLH issues of concern
Deliverable Due Date to Customer: 08-29-2019
Please Define the Scope of the Survey: Determine sizes of utilities and age(s) of mechanical rooftop equipment.
Please select all the equipment required to perform survey: Video & Photos: Smartphone
Basic Surveying Bag
Is Revit Information available? No
Do you have any other files to upload? No

Survey Details


  • Project Name: MedMen Folsom, San Francisco, CA 
  • KLH Project #: 000000 
  • Address: 2801 Folsom St. San Francisco CA 94110 
  • Contact: Ali Rismanchi 
  • Revit on File: No 
  • Status: No